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In Bloom

Integrative Therapy

Mission statement

To be of service to human health and wellbeing is the overall mission of In Bloom Integrative Therapy. The resonance of the mind/body connection underpins the integrative approach. 

In Bloom embodies the values of authenticity, empowerment, resilience, respect, seeing the whole person and curiosity in meeting clients where they are.  

Yellow Flowers

“we can only know in the nervous system what we have known in behaviour first” 

~Julian Jaynes




EFT - Tapping

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Functional Neurology


Note, sessions are available online or at address

29 Farmborough Rd Unanderra, NSW. 

A bit about Kate

Kate has been a practicing counsellor for more than 10 years and involved in the health field for over 20 years. Kate's education alongside an endless curiosity for research and fascination into the human experience, has led her to offer an integrative style incorporating the client's mind, beliefs and stories, nervous system integration, all in the safety of a trauma informed lens to this whole mind-body-movement approach to mental health and healing. 

Kate can support clients to build insight and clarity into what they are experiencing with: 

  • Anxiety and panic attacks 

  • Relationships and personal struggles

  • Chronic stress or fatigue related issues

  • Support with chronic illness conditions

  • ADHD and learning difficulties with children and adults

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and childhood trauma

  • Eczema and skin related conditions

  • Food cravings


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Image by April Pethybridge


  "I saw Kate while I was pregnant to help prepare me for not only the birth of my daughter, but for the re-birth of myself as a mother. 

I found Kate to be deeply intuitive, I felt heard and she was able to put words to thoughts and feelings I had never been able to vocalise out loud. Walking out of our sessions I felt the clarity that I was seeking around my journey forward into motherhood, and an acceptance of the woman I was becoming. Kate was able to help me release old patterns and stories from childhood that no longer served me, so that I could feel emotionally balanced. This has had a huge impact on my relationships, including my relationship with myself. 


Through Kate’s coaching techniques, it is evident she has a genuine care for helping others. She was able to hold space in a kind and uplifting way, where I felt safe to be vulnerable, and let her healing guidance help me discover deeper truths about myself, which have been gradually unfolding ever since. I am eternally grateful for her generosity with her time and expertise and am deeply humbled by her empathy and wisdom. 


I would highly recommend Kate’s services for anyone seeking to heal and positively move forward."


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